Student standard

Student accommodation

If you are attending a higher education institution outside of your county, you can exercise your right to a subsidised accommodation in student dormitories by applying to calls published by student centres

Subsidised meals

The right to subsidised meals can only be exercised by full-time students, by using a student card (X-card)

Transport of disabled students

The right to financial support to cover a part of the transport costs is exercised by students who have at least a 60%-level of physical and sensory impairment in accordance with the Regulation on Expertise Methodologies

Internet for students

Internet access allows students easier and faster access to educational content and their administrative responsibilities

Subsidies for tuitions in higher education institutions for professional athletes

The purpose of tuition subsidies is to help athletes who want to acquire higher education while also pursuing a professional sports career

Student work

The Act on Student Work regulates the rights and obligations of workers, intermediaries and clients during the performance of student work, as well as other issues related to the performance of student work