e-Services in education

Electronic identity

Users belonging to the education system obtain a free electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system

e-Exchange of student's grades

Higher education institution students can request an electronic transcript of records at any time, free of charge

Electronic application to study programmes

The application to undergraduate and integrated study programmes in the Republic of Croatia is submitted electronically

Electronic application to graduate study programmes

Applications to graduate study programmes in the Republic of Croatia are enabled through the National Information System for Applications to Graduate Study Programmes

e-Base for schools

These apps enable access to a certain set of statistical data from the e-Register about all schools in Croatia

e-Register Book

e-Register Book is a web app intended for keeping a class register in electronic form. With the existing functionalities of the class register in paper form, the app also contains reports that enable additional analyses during pedagogic monitoring

Digital educational content as a learning support

CARNET provides their users with content and services that enable the use, creation, publication and sharing of digital educational content and education


On the e-Books portal you can find full works by Croatian and foreign authors from the list of mandatory readings and more

Dormitory Registration and Enrollment Information System (ISPUUD)

ISPUUD is a central information-administrative service through which candidates who have enrolled in the first grade of high school can apply for enrollment in a dormitory


The e-Statement system enables natural and legal persons to register their establishment under the authority of the Ministry of Education and Science

e-Student status record

Students enrolled in accredited study programmes of higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia can obtain their e-Student status record, i.e., a confirmation of their student status in the current academic year


e-Register is a centralised system of the Ministry of Education and Science for the entry of the most important information on students and staff in primary and secondary schools

National Information System for Application and Enrolment in Secondary Schools

The National Information System for Application and Enrolment in Secondary Schools is a central information-administration system which enables the candidates who wish to continue their education in secondary schools to apply for education programmes, i.e., secondary school