On the e-Books portal you can find full works by Croatian and foreign authors from the list of mandatory readings and more

The portal e-Books was launched in 2009 at the initiative and with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science, and realised by “Bulaja naklada” and the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET.

On the e-Books portal you can access full works by Croatian and foreign authors from the list of mandatory readings and more.

The access is free and available to pupils and students, their teachers and professors, through use of the AAI@EduHr electronic identity or registration. Read more about the AAI@EduHr electronic identity in our article Electronic identity.

All other citizens of the Republic of Croatia can also access the content free of charge if they register on the portal.

Content in e-Books portal

There are currently more than 310 electronic books by Croatian and foreign authors, 115 audio recordings, and other content such as video clips, interesting facts etc. published on the portal.

Available literary works are published in several formats: as an interactive content suitable for viewing online (web format), but also in a PDF format that is ready to print on standard A4 printers, and in the EPUB format. This is a standard format adjusted to tablets, smartphones and e-book readers. Its main advantage is that the text automatically adjusts to the screen dimensions, unlike the “stiff” PDF format.

CARNET's portal e-Books provides students of primary and secondary schools with a simple, quick and practical access to reading materials. In August 2018, 72 new versions of e-books were published on the portal – 36 for primary and 36 for secondary school. Out of those, there are 40 new e-books that were, along with 32 existing ones, enriched with additional content.

Additional content supplements the reading material by contributing to the student's understanding of the text, and motivates the student to interact and acquire new knowledge. Some of this content is, for example, the author's biography, which, along with the description of the author's life, puts the work in the historical-artistic context, a dictionary of unfamiliar words, jargon and dialectal words, multimedia content (audio and video baits). The objective is to motivate students to read the full work and complete the activities for those who want to know and learn more.

Also, these books come with an easy-to-read text, translation of multimedia into the Croatian sign language, and are available in Braille's digital format, all of which facilitates reading and understanding of a literary work and additional content for students with special educational needs.
Content published in August 2018 was created as a part of the project “e-Schools: establishment of the system for developing digitally mature schools (pilot project)” developed by the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET.