Catalogue of Information


Active citizens and free time

Associations, volunteering, travelling, sports, citizens in politics, cultural events, nature


Health insurance, mandatory insurance rights, reimbursement rights, occupational health and safety, temporary incapacity for work

Family and living

Marriage and consensual union, parenthood, assistance and counselling, social welfare, third age, death and inheritance, rights of persons with disabilities


Job search, employment relationship, termination of employment, pensions, unemployed persons, interpersonal relationships

Croatian veterans

Veterans 'and their families' rights, housing solutions, benefits and subsidies, employment, health and the disabled, help centres, associations and assemblies

Citizenship and documents

Croatian citizenship, documents, certificates and attestations


Preschool education, primary, secondary and higher education, e-Services

Rule of law and security

Legal protection, consumer rights, crime prevention and reporting, crime victims and missing persons, public order and peace, protection and rescue services

Housing and environment

Construction and renovation of houses, purchase, sale and rental of real estate, property rights, areas of special state concern, sustainable waste management

Traffic and vehicles

Registration, driving licenses, road safety, purchase and sale of vehicles, tolls


Starting a business, support to employers, agriculture, tourism, development of islands, protection of intellectual property, business premises

Finance and taxes

Taxes and tax returns, online payments, debt management, savings and investment, insurance