Pre-school education

In their early childhood, children acquire basic knowledge, physical and social skills

Inspection in educational institutions

Supervision of the conditions and functioning of kindergartens, schools, student dormitories and other educational institutions

Scholarships for pupils and students

Find out about scholarships and financial support for pupils and students

Primary education

In primary school, children learn the basic principles of education and develop work habits

Secondary education

Secondary education provides knowledge and skills for work or pursuing higher education

Higher education

Higher education provides various opportunities for employment and scientific work. The demand for highly educated staff is constantly growing

e-Services in education

Find out about available e-Services in education: electronic identity, e-Register, e-Books etc.

Children with special needs

Special programs are provided for students with disabilities and gifted children

Education in the language and script of national minorities

Members of national minorities can study in their mother tongue at all levels of education from pre-school to higher education

Informal education

Online courses