Housing and environment

Construction and renovation of houses

During the construction of a new building or construction works on an existing one, careful planning and carrying out activities in accordance with the regulations and rules of the profession are mandatory

Purchase, sale and rental of real estate

When buying, selling or renting real estate, you must follow the legal procedure and obtain the necessary documentation

Property rights

Find out everything about property ownership rights and documents proving ownership rights

Housing solutions

Find out about housing solutions in areas of special state concern in Croatia, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sustainable waste management

Different types of waste need to be recycled or disposed of in designated places

Environmental protection

Find out about air quality and about what and how to report to the environmental inspectorate

Water services of the company Međimurske vode d.o.o.

The service is intended for natural persons

The City of Jastrebarsko - Geoportal Jaska

The City of Jastrebarsko continuously invests in its own infrastructure and keeps pace with modern digital trends