Environmental protection

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency means using less energy to perform a specific task, and it can be used to improve environmental protection and achieve significant financial savings

Environmental protection inspection

You can notify the environmental protection inspection about air pollution, illegal disposal and handling of waste, as well as other negative environmental impacts

Nature protection inspection

Find out what is supervised by the nature protection inspection and what are its powers

Soil protection

Considering the importance that soil has as the basis of life for humans, it requires careful treatment and protection

Light pollution

Light pollution is recognised as a growing global problem that can have very serious consequences

Water rights inspection

Find out what is supervised by the water rights inspection

Air quality

Air quality is monitored on the national and local level through the network of air quality monitoring stations

Inspection for supervision in the field of energy

Find out what you can do if you suspect violations of regulations in the field of electricity, oil mining, heating and gas.

Inspection for supervision of mining, energy and pressure equipment

Pursuant to the Act on the Organisation and Scope of Ministries and other Central State Administration Bodies (Official Gazette 93/16, 104/16 and 116/18), inspectional tasks in the fields of mining, energy and pressure equipment are carried out by the State Inspectorate