Purchase, sale and rental of real estate

Purchase of real property

When purchasing a house or an apartment, make sure to thoroughly check the documentation – its extract from the land registry, building permit or other appropriate official construction act, the use permit and its energy certificate

Sale of real estate owned by the Republic of Croatia

Citizens may need to purchase state-owned land to, for example, complete their small land plot and to build or upgrade their residential building, or to ensure access to their land

Subsidisation of housing loans for young people

Subsidisation of housing loans is a measure of assistance that provides subsidies to young people to pay part of a housing loan for the first five years of loan repayment

Sale of real property

If you are selling a property, prepare an extract from the land registry department of the municipal court competent for the area in which the property is located, as well as documents proving that the construction work was built legally, and the energy certificate

Real estate purchase for foreign nationals

Get informed how and under what conditions foreign nationals can acquire ownership rights in real estate in Croatia 

Rental of real property

A written tenancy agreement determines the rent amount, other rights and obligations and the notice period

POS – Programme of state-subsidised housing construction

As a potential buyer of an apartment under the POS housing programme, contact the municipality or the city

POS+ Programme

For purchasing a newly built apartment through the POS+ Programme, you can obtain a public loan and more favourable bank loans 

POS – Rental of real property

Find out how you can rent or purchase an apartment constructed as part of state-subsidised housing construction through APN

Rental of apartments owned by the Republic of Croatia

The Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets enables the rental of apartments owned by the Republic of Croatia through public tenders

Sale of apartments owned by the Republic of Croatia

The subject of sale under this programme are apartments owned or co-owned by the Republic of Croatia which are used by tenants and their immediate family members

Spatial data

The State Geodetic Administration Geoportal is the central point to access digital cadastral plans, digital orthophotos and topographic maps in various scales, with an option to overlap them