Family and living

Marriage, consensual union, civil partnership

Relationship regulation, family property and maintenance obligations


Parental responsibilities, rights and cash benefits

Social welfare

Social welfare system and types of assistance provided to those who are unable to live independently and to persons with disabilities

Third age

Consider the possibilities of an active life and learn about ways to solve problems related to the third age

Death and inheritance

Find out what to do in case of death in the family and learn about your rights in succession proceedings 

Assistance and counselling

Emergency situations in the family

E-services of the City of Bjelovar

Thanks to e-services, citizens of the City of Bjelovar can submit applications and requests for more and more services

Financial support of the Croatia for Children Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is achieved by providing financial and in-kind support and by supporting cultural, educational, sports, recreational and religious events, as well as by providing other kinds of support defined in the general provisions of the Foundation