Registering the birth of a child

The e-Newborn service enables parents to register their child’s birth and name the child in the public registers, with the Ministry of the Interior and the Croatian Health Insurance Fund with the help of the signature certificate on their e-identity cards

Maintenance (alimony)

Maintenance is the right and duty of parents and children, marital and non-marital spouses, stepchildren, stepmothers and stepfathers, grandmothers and grandfathers

Financial aid for newborns

The Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) gives one-time allowances for the birth of a child, and all persons who have health insurance and meet the prescribed requirements are entitled to it

Child allowance

Child allowance is a cash provision used by a parent or another person defined in the Child Allowance Act as support in upbringing and care of children

Maternity and parental benefits

The Maternity and Parental support system is regulated by the Maternity and Parental benefits Act for the purpose of protecting motherhood, nursing and raising the newborn child, equal distribution of rights and obligations of care between both parents and harmonization of family and work life

Single parents

Parents who are raising and supporting their children on their own are entitled to protection from overtime work and rescheduled or fluctuating working hours, as well as to various forms of assistance provided by the social welfare system


Adoption is a special form of family and legal providing and protection of children without appropriate parental care which establishes a permanent relationship between parents and a child. Adoption gives the adopters the right to parental care

Children’s rights

The Republic of Croatia has been a party to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child since 1991. By accepting the Convention, Croatia committed to guaranteeing the rights prescribed by the Convention to each and every child

Nursery care or in-home care?

Once your parental leave ends, you can enrol your child in a nursery, entrust it to care of a family member or a registered nanny running a nursery from home or business premises or caring for your child in your own home

Mudrica e-Card for Children

The Mudrica e-Card for Children is a project of the Central State Office for Demography and Youth which provides various benefits and discounts on products and services and contributes to an improved living standard of families via the Mudrica mobile application