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International Volunteer Day – 5th December

In the last ten years there has been a significant increase in volunteer activities, in 2022 alone there has been an increase in the number of reporting applicants, now more than 1700, bringing together more than 63 thousand volunteers who have allocated more than three million hours of work


e-Civil Registries

Through the e-service of e-Civil Registries, you can request and receive an electronic record of your data and the data of your minor child stored in the State Registries database


PK form - Step by Step

The tax card, i.e. the PK form, is held by every working person in the Republic of Croatia. Changes in the tax card are quickly resolved, but in order to submit a request for such changes, it is necessary to use e-citizens where the PK form can easily be reached


The service “Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications” is available on the e-Citizens portal

Electronic service PISK (System for submitting applications for recognition of foreign professional qualifications) enables users to submit applications, supplement applications, take over administrative acts and submit appeals


Get student status certificates from e-Dnevnik

E-service enables issuance of certificates of current educational status for primary and secondary school pupils


New service of the Ministry of Tourism and sports Exercise of rights in the sports system

The main goal is to ensure the continuous and structured collection of data by all segments of sport in the Republic of Croatia financed from budget funds intended for public sports needs


Applications for identity cards are submitted on Ulica grada Vukovara 70 instead of in Petrinjska 30

As of 2 May 2023, instead of Petrinjska 30, citizens apply for identity cards at Ulica grada Vukovara 70


The e-Register Book will remain unavailable until 14 April 2023.

From 12 April to 14 April at 6 p.m., the e-Register Book for parents will be unavailable to users


14 services are available to parents on the e-Citizens portal

14 services are available on the e-Citizens portal for parents who can use them on behalf of their underage child


Scam e-mails – Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development / Croatian Health Insurance Institute

Although it may appear legitimate, “” is not the official e-mail address of the e-Citizens system

16.02.2023. is not the official e-mail address of the e-Citizens system

Although it may appear legitimate, “” is not the official e-mail address of the e-Citizens system

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