Environmental Protection Fund publishes conditions for co-financing energy renovation of family houses in 2024

120 million will be available to citizens in 2024

Owners and co-owners whose houses have up to 600 m2 or up to three residential units and more than 50% of the area intended for housing may apply. Applicants in that house must have permanent residence, proper ownership and proof that the establishment is fully legal. If the house is damaged in the earthquake, 80% of eligible investment costs can be obtained, while citizens whose houses are not damaged by the earthquake can count on 60% co-financing. Depending on the percentage participation and measures to be applied for energy renovation, the maximum amount of incentives will be EUR 62,120.00 per application.
The Fund said that when determining the amount of incentives, they managed the current market prices of construction materials, services and equipment needed for renewable energy systems, all with the intention of making energy renovation as financially acceptable to citizens as possible.
Owners of family houses can receive grants for measures to increase the thermal protection of the envelope, which includes better thermal insulation of external walls and roofs and replacement of external joinery. In addition, funds can be obtained for the installation of heat pumps, solar heat collectors and pellet boilers. As regards the installation of photovoltaic power plants for the production of electricity for own consumption, the Fund will co-finance them with 50% of the funds, as in previous public calls. Citizens who decide to install a solar power plant and have or intend to buy an electric vehicle will certainly also be interested in the possibility of obtaining funds for a domestic charging station.
Family houses whose energy renovation will be encouraged, except where only co-financing of a photovoltaic power plant is required, shall be energy certified.
anyone performing complete energy renovation or increasing thermal insulation of the outer envelope of houses must be in energy class D or lower in continental Croatia or C or lower in coastal Croatia. In case heating/cooling systems are installed and the preparation of useful hot water using renewable energy sources, the energy class of the family house must be C or better in continental Croatia or B or better in coastal Croatia.
The submission of applications will start on the day of publication of the public call for energy renovation of family houses, and at the latest at the end of February 2024.
Citizens will submit their applications electronically, using the e-citizens system, and the link to the electronic service, as well as user instructions with all related application forms, will be available as part of the call documentation.

The eligible cost is the use of professional and technical assistance to prepare the entire project, and applicants were given the possibility to authorize another person who can apply for them.
In order to bring citizens closer to the terms of the public call and answers to all their questions, the Fund will hold informative and educational workshops, and will highlight all presentations and materials from them on its website.
The objective of this programme implemented by the Fund in cooperation with the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is to further encourage the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy sources in family houses. In this way, in addition to reducing harmful emissions, the amount of energy needed for space heating and cooling will be reduced, financial savings will be ensured and the comfort and quality of stay in family houses will be increased.