International Volunteer Day – 5th December

In the last ten years there has been a significant increase in volunteer activities, in 2022 alone there has been an increase in the number of reporting applicants, now more than 1700, bringing together more than 63 thousand volunteers who have allocated more than three million hours of work

In volunteering that provides services to exposed groups - children, persons with disabilities, elderly, disabled and sick persons or persons who are completely or partially deprived of their legal capacity, some additional documents are needed to protect users.
Provision of Article 10 ct. 3. of the Act on Volunteering (“Official Gazette” 58/07, 22/13, 84/21) prescribes a catalogue of criminal offences which constitute an obstacle to carrying out this activity and the organizer of volunteering has to obtain such information ex officio for each volunteer by sending a Request for issuing a special certificate for the natural person IIIa form to the e-mail address or by mail to the address of the Ministry of Justice and Administration.
Organizers are required to:
  • obtain an extract from the criminal record for the volunteer
  • ensure appropriate professional assistance and supervision of the work of volunteers.
Its issue shall not be subject to an administrative fee.
Further information on how to obtain a special certificate required ex officio by the competent authority as well as contacts of officials can be obtained on the official website of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration.
For more information, please contact our phone numbers: 01/3714-228 or 01/3714-212.