PK form - Step by Step

The tax card, i.e. the PK form, is held by every working person in the Republic of Croatia. Changes in the tax card are quickly resolved, but in order to submit a request for such changes, it is necessary to use e-citizens where the PK form can easily be reached

The Act on income tax and the Ordinance on income tax for employers do not prescribe the obligation to issue a PK card or the obligation to register changes on a PK card, but only give employers the possibility to issue/register changes on it. In accordance with the income tax Act, the issuing and/or recording of changes to the data on the PK card is possible in three ways:
  • through the tax Administration
  • via the e-citizens system (self-employed)
  • via e-tax Administration (employer)

You can sign in through:
  1. ePASS
  2. mToken
  3. electronic identity card (eOI)