e-Conservation location information

Digital and publicly available service of the Ministry of Culture and Media on the e-Citizens portal regulating the protection of cultural heritage

The E-service provides all citizens and professionals comprehensive overview of protection measures and acceptable changes for all properties protected as cultural goods, individually or within cultural and historical units, including those on the World Heritage list.
The service refers to more than 100,000 buildings within cultural and historical units for which timely and equal access to information about their history, significance, legal status, status and protection measures are ensured.
In addition to the timely assessment of the acceptability of a possible intervention, prior to the preparation of the documentation for which certificates or authorizations from the competent authority are issued, the service ensures a more unison and efficient treatment of the conservation service and contributes to the transparency and legal security of citizens.
At the same time, the service represents a step forward in the digitisation and integration of administrative procedures within the scope of the Ministry of Culture and Media which regulates the protection of cultural heritage on the single e-Heritage portal and significantly affects the fulfilment of the conditions for the implementation of projects from spatial plans.