The service “Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications” is available on the e-Citizens portal

Electronic service PISK (System for submitting applications for recognition of foreign professional qualifications) enables users to submit applications, supplement applications, take over administrative acts and submit appeals

THE PISK application can be accessed via link or by selection in the e-citizens service catalogue.
The app can be used by:
  • EU citizens who want to live and work in the Republic of Croatia
    • all foreign citizens can use the e-citizens portal if they have a personal identification number (PIN), based on which they can obtain one of the credentials in the Republic of Croatia from the list of accepted credentials
    • EU/EEA citizens can use services if they have one of the credentials from EU/EEA countries that are recognised for the cross-border use of electronic services.
  • Croatian citizens who studied abroad
  • third-country nationals who have the possibility to use credentials from e-citizens or e-IDAS. 

The health system through THE PISK application may apply for the pursuit of the following regulated professions:

  • doctor of medicine
  • a doctor of medicine specialists
  • dental assistants
  • dental technicians
  • dental practitioner
  • dental practitioner specialist
  • pharmaceutical technicians
  • pharmacist
  • specialist pharmacist
  • graduate physiotherapists
  • bachelor of physiotherapy physical therapist
  • physiotherapeutic technicians
  • nurses for general care activities
  • bachelor of nursing
  • master of nursing
  • university masters of nursing
  • graduated nurses
  • specialist nurses
  • medical biochemists
  • medical biochemistry specialist
  • midwife - assistant/midwife assistant
  • bachelor of midwifery
  • master of midwifery
  • bachelor of radiology technology
  • bachelor of occupational therapy
  • graduate occupational therapists
  • master of sanitary engineering
  • bachelor of sanitary engineering
  • sanitary technicians
  • bachelor of medical-laboratory diagnostics
  • health laboratory technicians. 

In the education system, a REQUEST for a qualified person may be submitted through THE PISK application:
  • a kindergarten teacher
  • primary school teacher
  • the primary school teacher in question
  • teachers of the teaching in question in a high school institution
  • vocational teacher in secondary vocational school
  • primary/secondary music school teacher
  • primary/secondary dance school teacher
  • expert associate of pedagogue in kindergarten/elementary/secondary school
  • expert associate of speech therapists in kindergarten/elementary/secondary school
  • professional associate of the bookkeeper in primary/secondary school.
For inquiries related to the application for recognition of foreign professional qualifications from the system of education, you can contact the e-mail address and for inquiries related to the application for recognition of foreign professional qualifications from the system of health care, you can contact the e-mail address