Mudrica e-Card for Children

The Mudrica e-Card for Children is a project of the Central State Office for Demography and Youth which provides various benefits and discounts on products and services and contributes to an improved living standard of families via the Mudrica mobile application

The e-Card for Children is a measure to increase fertility rates intended for users with at least one child under the age of 18 which provides even more benefits to families with multiple children, irrespective of their income.
The importance of this project was recognised by numerous public and private sector partners: from the cultural, economic, health, educational, sports, and other important areas for the family. In this way, with joint action, we help improve demographic trends in Croatia, with the virtual card for children becoming a sort of symbol of social consensus on demographic renewal.
The e-Card for children is easy to access; a person who wants to become a user needs to apply for its use via e-Citizens, under the e-Card for Children service. To access the e-Card for Children service, you will need a security level 2 credential. After the application is filed, the system will check the applicant’s information in the birth register, guardian register or foster parent register and will approve the application and send the activation information to the user’s e-mail address and inbox, provided that the requirements have been met.
After activation, to be able to use the benefits of the e-Card for Children, you will need to download the Mudrica mobile application in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once you enter your User ID, activation code and select a PIN, your virtual card for children will be ready to use.
In the application, partners are split into three categories and can also be searched with the help of an interactive map depending on the user’s location. By clicking a partner store of your choice, you can see which benefits or discounts are offered there.
When shopping or using the service, you need to show the generated barcode or your personal ID from the Mudrica mobile application.
A list of partners and information on the benefits and discounts can be found on the Mudrica website, and more information about the e-Card for Children project can also be found on the website of the Central State Office for Demography and Youth.