Croatian veterans

Obtaining of status

The basic precondition for exercising the rights under the Croatian Homeland War Veterans and Members of Their Families Act is the recognition of the status from the Homeland War

Pension rights

The following rights are provided for Croatian veterans of the Homeland War and members of their families: the lowest guaranteed pension; old-age pension; disability pension; length of service in double duration; vocational rehabilitation and family pension

Education of Croatian veterans and members of their families

Croatian veterans, disabled Croatian veterans and certain categories of their children can exercise certain rights in the education system

Housing solutions for Croatian veterans and members of their families

Find out what it is necessary to get a housing loan on more favourable terms than the market terms or to receive a state-owned house or apartment

Finding employment

Special measures to facilitate the employment of Croatian veterans and the children of deceased, detained or missing Croatian veterans

Health insurance rights

Special health care measures are provided to veterans suffering from injuries and illnesses related to the Homeland War

Other Croatian veterans’ and their families’ rights

Croatian Homeland War veterans, members of their families and victims have the rights defined by law

Cooperatives and associations of the Homeland War

Various forms of support are awarded to Croatian veterans for starting their own projects or for their employment

Croatian veterans health

Help centres provide legal, social, healthcare and psychological assistance to Croatian veterans and their families

Promoting the values of the Homeland War

Co-financing of projects for the construction, erection or decoration of memorials to victims of the Homeland War

Housing solution services available in e-Citizens

Find out which housing solution services are available in e-Citizens for Croatian veterans and members of their families