Housing solutions for Croatian veterans and members of their families

Financial aid for the first property

For the purchase or construction of the first property, you are entitled to financial aid or interest rate subsidy for loans in commercial banks up to the amount of market interest

Right to a housing loan

Family members of deceased and missing Croatian veterans, as well as disabled Croatian Homeland War veterans, have the right to take out a housing loan on more affordable terms than market terms

Loan application

The application for a housing loan should be submitted no later than 30 November for the next calendar year, and the required documents depend on the type of loan you have chosen

Loan amount

A loan for the purchase of a flat or house may amount to a maximum of 796,34 EUR (applicable standard construction price) per square meter, while for other types of loans the amount will be determined by an expert committee

Interest rates and repayment terms

The interest rate on loans granted to disabled Croatian Homeland War veterans varies depending on the percentage of their bodily disability

Priority lists

Priority lists, on the basis of which you are entitled to a housing loan or financial aid, are published in January

Organised construction project

Until the realisation of the approved housing loan for the purchase of a house or flat within the scope of an organised construction project, you may use the status of a protected tenant

Allocation of a state-owned flat or house

The application for the purchase of a flat or house should be submitted to the authority that manages the building where you live, and you will receive a purchase discount in accordance with the percentage of bodily disability

Free of charge building land and public utility infrastructure

Family members of deceased, imprisoned or missing Croatian veterans and disabled Croatian Homeland War veterans have the right to building land and public utility infrastructure free of charge or to exemption from part of the costs of municipal contribution