Education of Croatian veterans and members of their families

Co-financing of education costs

Ministry of Croatian Veterans co-finances education costs for completion of secondary school and retraining, training and further training and acquisition of additional knowledge and skills

Free textbooks

You are entitled to free mandatory textbooks for the needs of full-time schooling in primary and secondary schools and full-time or part-time education at higher education institutions

Education aid

If you are not a beneficiary of a state scholarship or a scholarship on another basis, and you meet the criteria, you are entitled to education aid of the Foundation of Croatian Veterans and their Family Members

Preparatory courses for higher education institutions

Every year, the Ministry of Croatian Veterans issues a Public call to co-finance the costs of one preparatory course for taking the state graduation exam or one preparatory course for taking the classification exam for enrolment in study programmes

Free hot meal

The right to a free hot meal is exercised by the children of Croatian veterans who are beneficiaries of the allowance for unemployed Croatian veterans or the guaranteed minimum allowance, provided that they cannot exercise this right under other regulations