Rule of law and security

Legal protection

Your rights in the judicial system – from free legal assistance and a trial within a reasonable time to rights while serving a sentence and rehabilitation

Protection of personal data

Learn important information about protection of your personal data

My Profile

The My Profile electronic service is the central service of e-Citizens, which allows the user to administer their own user account (unique user identity) in the system

Consumer rights

Find out what rights you have as a consumer, and what to do if those rights are violated

Crime prevention and reporting

You can contribute to your own safety by taking precautionary measures; find out how to report a crime

Crime victims and missing persons

Rights of crime victims, disabled civilians and war veterans and members of their families, overcoming trauma, preventing human trafficking and reporting missing persons

Emergency services

In emergency situations, the most common and fastest way to report is by calling 112, 194 or 195

Public order and peace

Living in a community implies certain rules of conduct, but also rights related to the behaviour of others

Foreign citizens in the Republic of Croatia

The rules for residence and employment of foreigners in Croatia differ depending on whether they are citizens of the EU and the European Economic Area or citizens of third countries

Repatriates to the Republic of Croatia

If you decide to return to Croatia, read some useful information that will help you relocate

Internet security

Protect yourself from numerous types of fraud, identity theft and cyber attacks on the Internet

Reporting and praise of civil servants

See how you can file a complaint about the work of a police officer, but also how to give praise or report unethical behaviour of a civil servant