Death and inheritance

The notification of a person's death

Reporting a death varies depending on whether the deceased died at home or at the health care facility

Death abroad

If you want to transport a deceased person from another country to Croatia, you need to submit a request for a laissez-passer in a Croatian diplomatic mission or consular office

Last will and testament

In ordinary circumstances, your last will can be drawn up in the form of a private or public last will. In exceptional circumstances, you can state your last will before two witnesses


The right of succession is acquired at the moment of the deceased person's death, by law or under their last will

Inheritance proceedings

Inheritance proceedings are conducted before a court of law or notary public after a person's death, and you may lodge an appeal or a complaint against the decision taken in the proceedings

Organ donation

Anyone who has not explicitly stated they are opposed to organ donation during their life is considered an organ donor