Nature protection inspection

Find out what is supervised by the nature protection inspection and what are its powers

The nature protection inspection supervises:
  • transboundary movement and trade in wild species
  • the state of natural environment
  • exploitation and use of protected and other parts of nature
  • application of nature protection requirements and measures as well as other acts issued pursuant to the Nature Protection Act
  • implementation of compensation terms
  • implementation of natural resource management plans in the part relating to nature protection measures and requirements
  • implementation of management plans and programmes for protection, maintenance, conservation, promotion and use of protected parts of nature
  • activities likely to cause changes and damage to nature
  • implementation of measures for protecting species and other protected parts of nature
  • handling of strictly protected species
  • performance of controls regarding cultivation, introduction into the environment and marketing of alien species
  • performance of controls regarding the keeping of alien species for non-commercial purposes
  • performance of controls regarding the use of invasive alien species of concern in the Union and/or invasive alien species of concern in the Republic of Croatia.
  • implementation of other prescribed requirements and measures for protecting biological and landscape diversity set out in the said Act and regulations passed on the basis thereof
  • cases of intentional introduction of genetically modified organisms into the environment for purposes other than placement on the market.
When carrying out inspectional supervision, the nature protection inspector is authorised to:
  • inspect the protected part of nature, the ecological network area, and other parts of nature
  • request personal data from the supervised person and persons present during the supervision (ID card, Croatian Personal ID Number (OIB), passport or other identification document) in order to verify their identity
  • inspect business, residential and other buildings and facilities, work instruments and tools, vehicles and other means of transport, business documents (business books, registers, documents, contracts, and other business documents providing insight into operations of the supervised person), and parts of nature for which the inspectional supervision is performed
  • request from the supervised person to ensure conditions for carrying out the inspectional supervision without disturbance
  • take statements from the supervised person or a legal representative or proxy holder of the supervised person in order to collect evidence on the facts that cannot be determined directly, as well as from other persons present during the inspectional supervision
  • copy or temporarily seize documentation of the supervised person required for further implementation of the inspectional procedure
  • request in writing from the supervised person accurate and complete data and documentation necessary for the inspectional supervision
  • visually determine the state of affairs (by means of photographs, film, video, etc.)
  • perform other activities in accordance with the purpose of inspectional supervision.
Submitting notifications to the nature protection inspection
You can submit a notification by sending it to the following address: State Inspectorate, Šubićeva 29, 10 000 Zagreb, or by submitting your notification via Notifications.