Sustainable waste management

Separate waste collection

Separate collection of municipal waste at the user’s location is performed within the framework of the public service collection of municipal waste

Bulky waste

You can dispose of old furniture and other bulky waste in recycling yards or you call the utility company to transport such waste


Biowaste comprises kitchen waste and garden or green waste, and you can compost it in your own garden

Electrical and electronic waste

Electrical and electronic waste includes, among others, large and small household appliances, and information technology (IT) and telecommunications equipment

End-of-life vehicles and tyres

Hand over the end-of-life vehicle to a licensed collector, and you can drop off old tyres free of charge at the tyre fitting service or deliver them to a licensed collector

Waste containing asbestos

Waste containing asbestos must be disposed of on special surfaces (cassettes) within landfills

Waste oils

Waste lubricating oils are handed over to licensed waste oil collectors

Waste trading

By trading waste for personal needs, you can make a monthly income