Bulky waste

You can dispose of old furniture and other bulky waste in recycling yards or you call the utility company to transport such waste

The former method of uncontrolled disposal of bulky waste in public areas was endangering human health and harming the environment. Such waste often contained hazardous waste, such as electronic devices and batteries, etc. whose components/parts/substances may be reused after separation or recycling, as well as other reusable or recyclable waste.

What to do with bulky waste

The separation and treatment of reusable and hazardous waste from bulky waste will reduce the amount of landfilled waste and ensure new raw materials.
The collection of bulky waste is possible free of charge in a recycling yard, mobile recycling unit or, once a year, at the location of the user of the public service collection of mixed and biodegradable waste.
For the purpose of minimising the amount of generated waste, only waste that may not be used in another way should be discarded as bulky waste.