Electrical and electronic waste

Electrical and electronic waste includes, among others, large and small household appliances, and information technology (IT) and telecommunications equipment

Electrical and electronic waste (EE waste) includes large and small household appliances, information technology (IT) and telecommunications equipment, lighting equipment (other than incandescent bulbs), electrical and electronic tools, toys, leisure and sports equipment, medical devices (other than implants and infected products), monitoring and control instruments and automatic dispensers.
EE waste should be separated from mixed municipal waste and other types of waste.

Personal disposal in stores

If you buy an electronic or electrical device, the store is obliged to take EE waste according to the “one for one” principle.
If the store sells halogen bulbs, fluorescent and other types of energy-saving bulbs, it is obliged to take them free of charge and without the obligation to buy new bulbs, regardless of the manufacturer and bulb type.
If a retail store has more than 400 square meters of the sales area for EE equipment, it is obliged to ensure the collection of EE waste with size of up to 25 centimetres free of charge and without the obligation to buy new equipment. The seller (store) is obliged to inform the end user about the possibility to drop off EE waste, i.e. its obligation to take EE waste, by placing a sticker in a visible place at the customers’ entrance, and by placing a stick or stand in a prominent place at the cash register containing the prescribed label (We take EE waste) and, if necessary, explain the manner and conditions for taking EE waste.
The following options for dropping off EE waste are also prescribed:
  • the service technician is obliged to take EE equipment free of charge within his/her business premises, for which it is established that repair is not possible or is unprofitable
  • if you have EE waste the total mass of which exceeds 30 kg, you can call waste collectors, who are obliged to, within 20 days and free of charge, take over that waste and then submit it to the waste processor
  • electronic waste from households can also be taken to a recycling yard.

Ordering free removal of EE waste

You can order the free removal of all types of waste electrical and electronic devices and equipment for the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia by calling the free number 0800/444-110 or via the web portal EE Waste.