Primary education

Primary education

Primary education is compulsory and free for all children from 6 to 15 years of age, and for children with more pronounced developmental disabilities, up to 21 years of age maximum

Enrolment in the first grade

Many parents are unsure of what their child needs to know before starting primary school. Before making a decision, child’s knowledge, skills, motor skills and other parameters that are indicative of whether a child is ready for school obligations should be checked

Meals and transport

Primary schools must organise meals for pupils while they are at school, in accordance with prescribed standard serving sizes. Local and regional self-government units must provide the transport for primary school pupils

Assessments and exams

Pupils of one class cannot take more than one exam a day and more than four a week. Oral exams can be conducted in every period without a previous announcement

Activities outside of the classroom and other after-school educational activities

School activities outside of the classroom and other after-school educational activities are a special form of education that enable your child to learn and study in carefully selected locations in nature

Classes at home and at a health care institution

If your child does not attend classes due to their significant motor disabilities, chronic illness or recovery at home, the school will organise classes at your home or in health care institutions treating a larger number of children

Change of school

You shall enrol your child in the nearest primary school, but you can enrol them in another school with a permission granted by that school principal

Pedagogical measures in primary school

A pedagogical measure of a warning, reprimand, severe reprimand or relocation to another school may be imposed on a pupil who behaves inappropriately

Primary education of adults

Persons between the age of 15 and 65 who did not complete their primary education in the regular system can attend the primary education programme in institutions for the education of adults for which the costs are covered from the state budget