Activities outside of the classroom and other after-school educational activities

School activities outside of the classroom and other after-school educational activities are a special form of education that enable your child to learn and study in carefully selected locations in nature

Your child is entitled to education that is carried out in primary school premises, but also outside of those premises, i.e., they have the right to participate in school activities outside of the classroom (class trips, field trips, residential outdoor school and field classes) and other educational activities outside of school (visits, swimming school, culture and sport events and other activities that accomplish educational goals and tasks of the school’s cultural and public activities).
Learning in the natural environment is the most appropriate way of teaching that enables your child to get to know and research natural specificities and cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia, while getting the chance to apply and deepen their knowledge, skills and capabilities acquired in the classroom.

Practical application of acquired knowledge outside of the classroom

By taking part in the programme outside of the classroom your child acquires different life experiences and communication skills, learns about tolerance and cohabitation, the acceptance of others and promoting universal human values. This type of teaching organisation enables a practical application of citizenship and health education, traffic culture and realisation of activities related to the environment and sustainable development.

Optional activities

If, for the realisation of the curriculum, the teaching outside of the classroom or other educational activities outside of the school are envisaged, they are, as a rule, mandatory for all teachers and pupils of a primary school, except for those who, due to their health reasons, cannot participate or are not obliged to participate based on the Constitution and other regulations related to guaranteed rights and freedoms.
All types of teaching outside of the classroom require a previous written consent by two thirds of the class children's parents or an educational group for which this type of teaching is envisaged.

Rights and obligations of parents

As a parent/guardian, you have the right to propose and participate in the preparation of teaching outside of the classroom. At the first parent-teacher conference, the teacher has to inform you about all activities that will be held outside of the school during the school year.
You must have the information on objectives and tasks that will be realised and the form of the organisation of residential outdoor school, and sign your consent.
The costs are usually covered by parents/guardians, and cities and counties often, in accordance with their possibilities, participate in the costs of a swimming school and/or transport and accommodation during the residential outdoor school which is organised for pupils of the third and fourth year of primary school.
If you, as a parent/guardian, do not wish to send your child to a residential outdoor school or a school trip, your child will attend classes in the school at that time.
For the sake of your child’s safety, you must provide the teacher with the information about possible health or other difficulties and specific needs of your child, and give them your phone/mobile number so they can contact you at if needed. You must instruct your child and warn them about the socially acceptable behaviour, possible dangers, forbid them from using alcohol, opiates, nicotine and narcotics and order them to respect the teacher's decisions during these activities. You must also accept the obligation of picking up your child in case of illness or serious violations of prescribed rules and bear the financial responsibility for the damage for which the teacher determined that it was caused by your child.

Two-day visit to the Memorial Centre of Homeland War in Vukovar

Starting from the school year 2015/2016, a two-day visit to the Memorial Centre of Homeland War in Vukovar is organised for all eighth-grade pupils.
The information about the visit are available on the website of the Memorial Centre of Homeland War in Vukovar

“Eighth graders visit Vukovar” project