Meals and transport

Primary schools must organise meals for pupils while they are at school, in accordance with prescribed standard serving sizes. Local and regional self-government units must provide the transport for primary school pupils

Subsidised meals

Each primary school should provide meals for its pupils while they are at school. Weekly menu is published on the school’s notice board, and meals are served in the school cafeteria. In order to preserve children's health, schools cannot serve fast food or carbonated beverages. Your child has the right to healthy meals in accordance with standard serving sizes:

Standard serving sizes for primary school pupils.

A minimum of 30 minutes for a meal must be provided for pupils who benefit from after school care or whose classes extend over the whole day.
Since meals are organised by a primary school, i.e., municipalities and cities establishing those schools, the practice differs significantly from one school to another. The costs for organised meals are provided from the state budget and local and regional self-government units budgets, and a part of the cost is covered by the parents.

Organised transport

The transport to and from school is organised for primary school pupils from the first to fourth grade who live in residential areas more than three kilometres away from school, and for pupils from the fifth to eighth grade who live in residential areas more than five kilometres away.
If your child travels to school from a residential area where no public transport is organised or if they must use roads without a sidewalk, transport may be organised for the safety of pupils, no matter the distance from school.
If a pupil is enrolled in a school outside of their enrolment area, the founder is not obliged to cover transport costs. That means those costs shall be covered by you as parents/guardians.

Transport of pupils with developmental disabilities

Transport is organised for all pupils with developmental disabilities no matter the distance from school, which also includes the transport of the pupil's assistant if they are necessary due to the type and severity of the child’s disability. Those costs are covered from the state budget.