Secondary education

Selection of secondary school

You can ask for assistance in choosing the secondary school from teachers, expert services or the Croatian Employment Service. The National Information System for Application and Enrolment in Secondary Schools can also help you in choosing the secondary school

Application and enrolment in secondary schools

Candidates apply for enrolment in education programmes using the website, which acts as a gateway to the National Information System for Application and Enrolment in Secondary Schools (National Information System)

Types of secondary schools

Grammar schools prepare you for the continuation of education, vocational schools for the participation in the labour market, while art schools enable you to acquire the knowledge, skills, competences and creativity in artistic areas

Arts education

You can also acquire the secondary education level in art secondary schools for visual arts, music and dance

Enrolment of students in the first year of secondary schools in class departments for athletes

Find out how to earn additional points for the enrolment in class departments for athletes

State graduation exams

The state graduation exams, as a standardised means of taking the national final exam, were implemented for the first time in Croatian schools in the school year 2009/2010

Student dormitories

If you are attending a secondary school outside of the place of your permanent residence, you can live in a student dormitory and take advantage of subsidised accommodation and meals

Pedagogical measures in secondary school

A pedagogical measure of a warning, reprimand, warning before the expulsion and expulsion from school can be imposed on a pupil who behaves inappropriately

Education for police officers

Find out more about the education conditions and programmes for the profession of a police officer

State Firefighters School

The State Firefighters School was established by the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted on 30 September 2020 as a public institution