Education for police officers

Find out more about the education conditions and programmes for the profession of a police officer

In order to be educated and employed as a police officer, you have to meet some general requirements.

General conditions of training for a policeman/police officer

The person wishing to be educated must:
  • have Croatian citizenship
  • have special mental and physical health ability
  • meet the specially prescribed level of physical motor skills
  • be personally worthy to perform the police service
  • he must not be a member of a political party.

Methods of schooling

Police Academy “Prvi hrvatski redarstvenikr”, i.e. Police school “Josip Jovic” conducts three basic education programs for the profession of policeman/police officer:
  • Regular secondary education through the third and fourth grades
In the 3rd grade students who have completed the 2nd grade of secondary education of the qualification level 4.2 for a school of four years duration (grammar school programmes, vocational education programmes at the level of 4.2), who have completed the 1st and 2nd grades with general success at least good and a grade exemplary in conduct and who are not older than 19 years from the date of commencement of classes, may enrol in the 3rd grade. The education lasts for two school years and all the time the students are housed at the police academy, regardless of where they have their registered residence.
  • High school adult education for the profession of policeman
Secondary adult education is intended for persons who have completed a high school of three or four years and who do not reach the age of 28 on the starting date. The education programme lasts 11 months.
During their education, the students were placed at the police academy, regardless of where they have their registered residence.
  • Basic police course
The basic police course is conducted and lasts in accordance with the decision of the Police Directorate, and is intended for civil servants of the Ministry of the Interior or other ministries who have completed secondary school or higher education and are assigned or transferred to the positions of police officers.
During their education, students with an address of residence outside the Zagreb County are housed at the Police Academy.
A contract shall be concluded with the participants of all forms of education setting out mutual rights and obligations between the participants and the Ministry of the Interior.


Mental capacity (psychological testing) and physical health are determined in accordance with the criteria of special mental and physical ability set out in the Ordinance on the criteria and manner of determining special mental and physical health competence for the person admitted to the police and police officers and the composition and manner of operation of health committees in accredited health institutions.
The verification of the prescribed level of physical motor skills is carried out at the Police Academy in accordance with the Ordinance on criteria for checking the level of physical motor skills for the person admitted to the Police.
A motivational interview shall be conducted with the candidates who have satisfied the tests.
In addition to the above, depending on the needs, certain other tests may be carried out (general information, it literacy and English or German).
During the education, students have the right to accommodation and nutrition, prescribed uniform and sports equipment, books and school supplies, and monthly compensation for personal needs. Upon successful completion of the education programme, pupils/students are admitted to the Ministry of the Interior in accordance with the needs of the service, with a mandatory internship of 6 months. After that, they are obliged to pass the state professional exam and spend at least 5 years at the Ministry of the Interior on secondary professional qualifications.

Application for education or retraining by electronic means via e-become a police officer/e-postani policajac-policajka

The service enables natural persons to apply for education to the Ministry of the Interior. Applicants of legal age should enter the required data on the application form and enclose the required documents. For juvenile applicants, their parents can do so. Later communication with applicants on the status of their application as well as on the status in the selection process will be delivered to them in the user inbox on e-citizens, SMS and e-mail.