State graduation exams

The state graduation exams, as a standardised means of taking the national final exam, were implemented for the first time in Croatian schools in the school year 2009/2010

The objective of state graduation exams is to examine and assess the knowledge, skills and competences which the students acquired during their primary and secondary education, in accordance with prescribed education plans and programmes.

Based on the state graduation exams results, the knowledge of each individual student is objectively and impartially assessed to obtain a comparable score of all students in the Republic of Croatia, which enables the continuation of further education in higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia and abroad.

The exams are prepared and implemented by the National Centre for External Evaluation of Education in cooperation with schools and other public institutions included in the implementation of state graduation exams.

The content, conditions, method and procedure of taking state graduation exams are prescribed in the Ordinance

Ordinance on State Graduation Exams.

For additional assistance contact the Help Desk at and and at 01/4501-899 for information about state graduation exams.

Who must take the state graduation exams?

The state graduation exams are obligatory final written exams that the students of grammar schools take after completing their fourth year.

The secondary education of students in vocational and art schools, in the duration of at least four years, is completed by preparing and defending the graduation paper/work. The students of four-year vocational and art secondary schools can take state graduation exams if they wish to continue their education in one of the higher education institutions.

The state graduation exams can be taken by other candidates who finished at least four years of secondary education in the Republic of Croatia before 2010 and candidates who completed or are completing their secondary education abroad, provided that this secondary education is comparable to a four-year secondary education in the Republic of Croatia.