State Firefighters School

The State Firefighters School was established by the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted on 30 September 2020 as a public institution 

The school was set up for the purpose of providing education within the firefighting system, and it was entered in the court registry of the Commercial Court in Zagreb on 25 February 2021. The State Firefighters School is situated at Ksaverska cesta 107, Zagreb.

The activity of the Firefighters School is as follows:
  • Formal education

Preparation and proposal of education programmes/curricula for acquiring the appropriate qualifications, and delivery of education for:

– acquiring the qualification at level 4.1 of the Croatian Qualifications Framework (hereinafter: CROQF), i.e. a three-year vocational education within the firefighting system;

– acquiring the qualification at level 4.2 of the CROQF, i.e. a four-year vocational education within the firefighting system;

– training at level 5 of the CROQF, i.e. vocational specialist training with at least two years of validated experience, excluding higher education system programmes.
  • Informal education

– training within the firefighting system;
– basic training for volunteer firefighters;
– training for entering the firefighting profession;
– training in the area of fire protection;
– training and professional development in the area of occupational safety;
– organising and conducting seminars, courses, workshops and exercises for the purpose of the firefighting system and raising awareness among citizens and children.
Alongside education, the State Firefighters School also conducts:
  • publishing, library, IT activities related to education for engaging in firefighting activity;
  • provision of accommodation to students of the State Firefighters School;
  • testing of firefighting vehicles, devices, equipment, appliances, tools and protective and other personal firefighting equipment and appliances used by firefighters in fire interventions;
  • testing of the serviceability and functionality of the implemented stable systems, devices and installations for fire detection and alarm and for extinguishing fire, and systems, devices and installations for flammable gas and vapour presence detection and alarm, as well as other firefighting systems and devices;
  • testing of the serviceability and functionality of portable and transportable fire extinguishers, and providing expertise as regards fire extinguishers;
  • testing of work equipment;
  • testing of rescue and firefighting vehicles, devices and appliances for firefighting and rescue services;
  • other activities necessary for the purpose of education within the firefighting system.
The State Firefighters School has three branches: Rijeka Department, Split Department and Osijek Department, forming the organisational units of the State Firefighters School. The branches perform part of the activity of the State Firefighters School relating to formal and informal education.
For more information and current tenders visit the State Firefighters School website.