e-Class Register

e-Class Register is a web app intended for keeping a class register in electronic form

With the existing functionalities of the class register in paper form, the app also contains reports that enable additional analyses during pedagogic monitoring.

The app simplifies the creation of various reports on grades and absences and can be accessed by school principals, teachers and expert staff.

Teachers can only access the information for their school subject, while head teachers have access to all information about their students on the level of their class. School principals and expert staff are authorised to access all information on the school level.

The additional benefit of the e-Class Register is control of unauthorised entry, but also of theft and accidental or deliberate destruction of a class register.

All additional information about the e-Class Register, as well as the list of schools using the e-register system can be found on the CARNET website about  e-Classs Register for schools.

List of schools using e-Class Register.

e-Class Register for pupils and parents

Besides the e-Class Register for school staff, there is a special app “e-Class Register for pupils and parents”

e-Class Register for pupils and parents.

In the app, pupils can see their grades, absences and notes, pedagogical measures, planned written exams schedule and personal information entered in the e-Class Register by the teachers. Pupils will receive their username and password in school from the register book administrator. The list of administrators is available on the CARNET website

Register book administrators.

Parents can see the same information as students, but for pedagogical reasons, grades and absences are shown with a certain time delay. They can sign in to the system only by using e-Citizens.