e-Student status record

Students enrolled in accredited study programmes of higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia can obtain their e-Student status record, i.e., a confirmation of their student status in the current academic year

The service can be accessed directly on e-Citizens by selecting a service from the category Education

The students can obtain this confirmation for each study programme they registered for in the current academic year. In the period from 1 July to 30 September, they can also obtain a confirmation for the following academic year.
This confirmation contains basic student information, data on the institution they are attending, study programme level (undergraduate, graduate, integrated and the like), information about the type of programme (professional or university), manner of studying (full-time or part-time), and the academic year the student is enrolled in.
It can be used as a proof while exercising the rights granted to students.
The information about the student status for the e-Student status record is obtained from the central records of the Ministry of Education and Science about the issued student documents and student rights, maintained based on the Ordinance on Student Cards and the Ordinance on Conditions and Manner of Exercising the Right to Subsidised Meals of Students in the Academic Cards Information System (ISAK), i.e., Information System of Student Rights (ISSP).