Internet for students

Internet access allows students easier and faster access to educational content and their administrative responsibilities

Students who live in a dormitory can access the Internet from their room, from the computer room and from other classrooms in the dormitory for the purpose of learning, teaching, research and training.

The primary objective of the free Internet access is to facilitate the study process for students, which includes access to educational, scientific and various informative content, and the possibility to perform administrative work related to studying online.
In student dormitories, all students who have the appropriate electronic identity, i.e. username and password assigned by the their higher education institution by registering the student in to the LDAP, the directory of the institution, or the database of all electronic identities (e.g., a student at the faculty where they study) can connect to the Internet. The username for connecting to the Internet and Studomat are not necessarily identical.

CARNet – access to the Internet for students 

Students who do not live in dormitories, as well as all other members of the academic community, have the right to access the Internet through the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet, which connects the institutions of the science and higher education system.
More information on Internet access for students can be found on the website of the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet.