Enrolment in kindergarten

In their early childhood, children acquire basic knowledge, physical and social skills

The application for enrolment of a child in kindergarten is submitted by parents, foster parents or guardians (hereinafter: parents) after the kindergartens publish the plan for enrolling children in the next pedagogical year, which is usually during the month of May. The pedagogical year lasts from 1 September of the current year to 31 August of the following year.

The list of kindergartens in Croatia, with the possibility of searching, can be found on the website of the Ministry of Science and Education

List of kindergartens

The request for enrolment of a child in kindergarten must be accompanied by:
  • excerpt from the birth register or birth certificate of the child;
  • certificate of the place of permanent residence;
  • certificate of employment status of the parents;
  • a completed questionnaire that is obtained in each kindergarten.
A list of all necessary forms and documents with instructions on where to obtain them is published on the doors of the kindergarten during the enrolment period. 

Results and the right to appeal

The results of the enrolment are published no later than the end of June, and an appeal can be filed within 15 days from the publication of the results. The appeal is addressed to the administrative council of the kindergarten.

The contract for the realisation of the programme is concluded in August, no later than 1 September.

For children with disabilities, contracts are concluded for a fixed period of time, usually up to three months, to include the child in an appropriate programme for the benefit and monitoring of the child's progress.

Advantage in enrolment

The advantage in enrolment in kindergartens, which are owned by a local and regional self-government unit or state-owned can be given to the following children:
  • children of parents who are victims and invalids of the Homeland War;
  • children of employed parents;
  • children of single parents;
  • children from foster families;
  • children from families with three or more children;
  • children with developmental disabilities, if it is possible to integrate them in the regular programme;
  • children who start primary school in a year;
  • children whose parents exercise the right to child support.
The manner of exercising the advantage in enrolment of children in a kindergarten is determined by the founder of the kindergarten in an act. 

Enrolment of children in kindergarten during the pedagogical year

The possibility of enrolling a child in kindergarten during the pedagogical year exists if the kindergarten has vacancies. The enrolment procedure is identical to the previously described procedure, and the admission of a child to a kindergarten is decided by the administrative council of the kindergarten, which is obliged to inform the parents about the decision within 15 days from the day of submitting the application. Parents have to right to appeal against the administrative council's decision. 

Kindergarten price

The economic cost of placing a child in regular kindergarten programmes amounts on average between 199,08 EUR and 331,81 EUR per month. The economic cost is decided by the founder of the kindergarten.

Parents are obliged to pay a part of the economic cost of the kindergarten, which in most cities and municipalities does not exceed 106,18 EUR.