Transfer to another study programme and attendance of parallel study programmes

The decision on whether you can transfer from one higher education institution to another is made by the institution where you want to continue your studies

If you want to change your higher education institution, you must submit an application to the higher education institution where you want to continue your studies. The decision on the transfer is made by the higher education institution to which you want to transfer according to the provisions of the statute and other general acts of the higher education institution.

Attending two faculties at the same time

If you want to attend parallel study programmes, you need to apply for the enrolment procedure at the higher education institution you want to enrol in. In case you are, based on your results, ranked among those who can enrol as full-time students with a full subsidy from the state budget, you need to seek the consent of the university, polytechnic or a college, because academic self-government in higher education includes student enrolment as well.