Student accommodation

If you are attending a higher education institution outside of your county, you can exercise your right to a subsidised accommodation in student dormitories by applying to calls published by student centres

The Ordinance on Conditions and Manner of Exercising the Right of Full-Time Students to Subsidised Accommodation prescribes the conditions and the manner of exercising the right of full-time students to subsidised accommodation in student dormitories and with private lenders.

Call for accommodation in dormitories for students or pupils

The right to subsidised accommodation in dormitories for students, dormitories for pupils and with private lenders for students who rent private apartments can be exercised by full-time Croatian students and citizens of the European Union with registered temporary residence in the Republic of Croatia who have been approved the status of foreigners permanently residing in the Republic of Croatia, who are enrolled in higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia in undergraduate university studies, graduate university studies, integrated undergraduate and graduate university studies, short professional studies, undergraduate professional studies and specialist graduate professional studies and by students with disabilities enrolled in postgraduate university studies under the conditions determined by this Ordinance.
The students can participate in the call for available places only in student dormitories for cities they attend study programmes in. The exception are students who attend study programmes in Opatija, but apply for accommodation in Rijeka.

The right to subsidised accommodation is granted based on public calls carried out by student centres for each academic year.
The text of the call for the right to accommodation and subsidised living is published on notice boards and websites of individual student centres.
The final ranking list is published on notice boards and websites of a student centre, while the accommodation of university students in available places of dormitories for pupils will be carried out exclusively based on the priority list determined by student centres.

Private accommodation

The students exercise the right to subsidised accommodation with private lenders based on the total number of points they earned, as do the students who apply for accommodation in student dormitories. The quota for subsidised accommodation is determined by the Ministry of Education and Science based on the number of students who study in that city, and who reside outside of that city.
The monthly compensation amounts to 26,54 EUR. The financial compensation for subsidised living in a student dormitory, as well as for subsidised living in a private apartment, is determined by the minister of education and science by a special decision, in accordance with available funds in the state budget of the Republic of Croatia. Students have the right to subsidised accommodation during the academic year, except in the period from 16 July to 31 August, with the exception of students to which the provisions of Article 8 of the Ordinance apply.
In accordance with the Ministry's decision on the amount of the subsidy and quota for subsidised accommodation in the academic year 2020/2021, the monthly compensation amounts to 26,54 EUR.

Accommodation of full-time students-classified athletes

In accordance with the Ordinance, and based on the previous opinion by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, the Ministry can, by special decisions, allocate places in the student dormitories and pupil dormitories to full-time students athletes belonging to categories I to IV, provided that they applied to the student centre call within the deadline.
Full-time students-classified athletes, provided that they applied to the call published by the student centre within the deadline, have to submit the filled out form of the request accompanied by the appropriate documentation from the request to the Ministry of Tourism and Sport by 1 September of the current year at the latest.

Request for accommodation of full-time student athlete.

Accommodation prices

The accommodation prices for student dormitories are determined by student centres, and span from 10,62 EUR to 119,45 EUR per month, depending on the student centre, individual student dormitory and interior fittings of the rooms.

The accommodation prices in student dormitories are comprised of the part subsidised by the Ministry of Education and Science in the amount of 26,54 EUR and the part covered by the student.

Certain student centres have different accommodation prices for old and new dormitories and pavilions, and the prices depend on the number of beds in rooms, interior fittings (own bathroom) and other amenities. There are also rooms available for the accommodation of students with physical disabilities and rooms for students participating in international exchange programmes.