Unaccompanied children on flights

If the child is travelling alone (unaccompanied) on an aircraft, they should possess a Handling Advice for Unaccompanied Minor

A child who is travelling on an aircraft alone to another country, besides all the necessary travel documents (flight ticket, passport, visa – if needed), must have a completed form called the Handling Advice for Unaccompanied Minor, containing the details about the child, the person who accompanied the child to the flight, as well as the person meeting the child on arrival.  

How to fill out the Handling Advice 

After accompanying the child to the airport, the parent or another person will contact the members of carrier staff to fill out the so-called Handling Advice if they have not already filled out the form when purchasing the ticket.

The procedure for handing over the child for their flight

All documents are placed in a red plastic bag marked by the letters UM (Unaccompanied Minor) and the child carries it around the neck during the stay at the airport and during the flight. 

After checking in, the parent hands the child over to the airport stewardess who accompanies the child to the aircraft. The person accompanying the child to the airport must remain on the premises until take off. The child boards the aircraft before the other passengers, and is handed over to the care of the head flight attendant, who takes the child to his or her seat. The flight attendants make sure that the child is safely and comfortably seated, usually by an adult passenger, and are always at the child’s disposal.

Handing over the child at the destination airport

After landing, the child leaves the aircraft last and the flight attendant hands the child over to the airport stewardess at the destination airport. The airport stewardess will accompany the child to the person stated in the so-called Handling Advice. The person who the child is handed over to must identify themselves and sign the Handling Advice for Unaccompanied Minor.

Issuing of the Handling Advice

In general, all airlines issue the Handling Advice for Unaccompanied Minor, although the age limit for the child may differ depending on the requirements of the relevant airline.

The price of the service depends on whether it is a domestic or international flight. It is recommended to check the provided information for flights with low-cost airlines.