Sports and recreation

Marine recreational and sport fisheries

Marine sport and recreational fisheries require a licence, which you can also purchase electronically

European Week of Sport

If you are looking to stay active throughout the year, get involved in the #BeActive project

Franjo Bučar State Award for Sport

The State Award is given for years of success in sports, winning an Olympic medal, outstanding scientific, professional and pedagogical accomplishments or a sporting achievement

Operating and using the unmanned aircraft system (or drones)

The drone has to be in a proper technical condition, and you have to check if the meteorological and other conditions allow for a safe flight, if all equipment is properly attached and if the drone can take off and land smoothly. For safety reasons, drones may only fly during the day

Issuance of Aerial Imaging and Clearances for the Use of Aerial Imagery

Aerial imaging and clearances for the use of aerial imagery are issued by the State Geodetic Administration (SGA)

Freshwater recreational and sport fisheries

Annual and daily freshwater fishery licences can be purchased from fishing rights holders


In the internal sea waters and the territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia it is possible to dive for leisure or sport

Diving in areas where cultural goods are located

Diving in areas where cultural goods are located requires a permit from the Ministry of Culture and Media, or the competent conservatory department


Get informed about the ports and anchorages and berths, as well as fees and the rules of conduct in ports and anchorages

European Firearms Pass

For the purpose of hunting or target shooting competitions in the Member States of the European Union, in addition to a weapons licence, you will require a European Firearms Pass

Spatial orientation

Maps from Geoportal can help you plan your trip or sports activities