Planning a trip

If you are going on a private or business trip, you can find all relevant information in one place

Travel safety tips

Before going abroad, check in which situations you can contact the Croatian embassy or consulate for help

Travelling with an identity card

Depending on the country that you are travelling to, you can cross the border with your identity card, but only if it was issued after 1 January 2003

Travelling with a visa

You will need a visa for travelling to 89 countries, but many of these countries will issue you a visa at the border

Lost travel document while abroad

If you lose your travel document while abroad, you can obtain a travelling certificate at the Croatian embassy or consulate, that will allow you to return to Croatia

Travelling with pets

Customs officers at border crossing points perform official controls on pets that are brought into the EU from third countries

Children crossing the border

Minors (children) can cross the border just on their identity card

Unaccompanied children on flights

If the child is travelling alone (unaccompanied) on an aircraft, they should possess a Handling Advice for Unaccompanied Minor

Tourist tax

Check whether you are required to pay tourist tax while staying in a certain tourist town or municipality, or if you are exempt

Payment of customs duties

Goods of a non-commercial nature contained in the passenger’s personal baggage will be exempt from import charges provided that their total value does not exceed EUR 430 (for transport by air or sea), or EUR 300.00 (for other types of transport)

Tips for air travel

You have to comply with the instructions of the air carrier and restrictions for carrying cabin baggage on flights

Cash entering or leaving the Union

Cash entering or leaving the Union (new rules as of 3 June 2021)

Bringing in medicine

You may only bring in medicine for personal use, and the quantity that you may carry across the border depends on the type of medicine and your medical history 

Bringing in food

There are no restrictions on bringing in food of EU origin, however, food and food products from third countries will be subject to quantitative restrictions

Imports of plants and plant products in passengers' per-sonal luggage

Imports of plants and plant products from third countries is subject to prohibitions and restrictions, in accordance with a special European union (EU) regulations adopted to protect plants in the EU by preventing the introduction of organisms harmful to them

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