Becoming a volunteer

If you want to become a volunteer, you can find the information about volunteering opportunities in regional volunteer centres and in the Croatian Volunteer Development Centre

Volunteer rights

Find out what rights you have as a volunteer

Obligations of volunteers

A volunteer is obliged to carry out volunteer work in accordance with professional regulations and ethical rules, and according to the instructions received from the volunteer organiser, but also to refuse volunteer work that is contrary to regulations or life-threatening

Volunteering contract

A volunteering contract can be concluded orally; however, it is obligatory in to conclude it writing in cases of, inter alia, volunteering abroad, long-term volunteering, or when the volunteer requests it

How to become a volunteer organiser

If you want to become a volunteer organiser, or you need help finding volunteers, you can request mediation from one of the regional volunteer centres

Rights and obligations of volunteer organisers

A volunteer organiser has a number of obligations towards volunteers, as well as the obligation to submit an annual report to the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy. In addition to obligations, volunteer organisers also have rights