Volunteering contract

A volunteering contract can be concluded orally; however, it is obligatory in to conclude it writing in cases of, inter alia, volunteering abroad, long-term volunteering, or when the volunteer requests it

A volunteering contract can be concluded orally, but, at the request of the volunteer, the volunteer organiser is required to issue a written confirmation of the contract concluded. The volunteer and the volunteer organiser agree on mutual rights and obligations as well as the particularities regarding an individual volunteer activity or the provision of a particular volunteering service. 

A volunteering contract can include the rights, obligations and signatures of other contracting parties with a special interest in a specific form of volunteering.

An example of a volunteering contract can be found on the portal of the Croatian Volunteer Development Centre.

Volunteering contract

Contract in writing

Conclusion of a volunteering contract in writing is mandatory in the following cases:
  • when the volunteer work is associated with increased risks to the life and health of volunteers
  • when the volunteer is a foreign citizen volunteering in the Republic of Croatia
  • when citizens of the Republic of Croatia volunteer abroad in the framework of volunteering activities organised or co-organised by volunteer organisers based in the Republic of Croatia
  • for long-term volunteering (long-term volunteering is that which the volunteer performs regularly and continuously, on a weekly basis for a period of at least three months without interruption)
  • for volunteer work with children, people with disabilities, the elderly and infirm, people with illnesses, or people completely or partially deprived of their legal capacity
  • when the volunteer requests it
  • in other cases specified by law.

Contents of the contract

The essential components of a volunteering contract are data on the following:
  • contracting parties and their place of residence or registered office
  • location where the volunteering work takes place, and the duration of volunteering
  • volunteering activities or services the volunteer will perform or provide
  • rights and obligations of the volunteer and the volunteer organiser
  • personal safety of the volunteer during volunteering, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Volunteering
  • manner of guaranteeing the contractual rights of the volunteer
  • manners of terminating the volunteering contract.
A volunteer must not make volunteering conditional on the fulfilment of a condition (giving, acting, omitting to act, tolerating) or the acquisition of property, monetary reward or benefit.

Reimbursement of expenses incurred in connection with volunteering is not considered a monetary reward or property benefit.