Planning a trip

If you are going on a private or business trip, you can find all relevant information in one place

If you are going on a private or business trip, you have a lot of decisions to make – what mode of transport to take, which line to choose, where to stay. If you are planning to travel within Croatia, by public transport or by a private car, the following information will be helpful:

Road conditions

Train timetable

Croatia Airlines timetable

Sailing schedule

Weather forecast

Destinations, accommodation and trip planner.

Outside of Croatia

If you are travelling outside of Croatia, there is a lot more planning required. Apart from booking transport and accommodation, make sure to also sort out a number of other things on time: check if you need a travel visa or if there are special vaccination requirements for the country you are travelling to, consider taking out travel insurance as Croatian health insurance is not automatically valid abroad, get informed about the restrictions on the amount of money, medicine, etc. you can take across the border. 

The necessary information and precautionary measures related to travelling abroad are available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Travel information 

Visa regime overview.

You can also leave the private or business trip arrangements to travel agencies that will, for a fee, take care of everything for you.

Association of Croatian Travel Agencies

Croatian Association of Independent Travel Agents.