Children crossing the border

Minors (children) can cross the border just on their identity card

Besides a passport, parents can now also have an identity card issued for their child, representing a much cheaper option. With their identity cards, children can travel to all EU Member States and other countries that allow Croatian nationals to enter with an identity card. You can read more about the issuance of identity cards on the website of the Ministry of the Interior

Identity card.

Border checks on children

The police pays particular attention to minors (children) travelling alone or accompanied.

If the child is travelling with an accompanying adult, the police checks whether that person is their parent or another person exercising parental custody over the child. They pay particular attention to situations in which the child is accompanied by only one adult (because of the possibility that the child was removed from their parent or the person exercising parental custody over the child).
If the child is travelling alone, a thorough check will be performed of their travel documents and other circumstances which led to the child travelling alone.