UdrugeInfo mobile application

The UdrugeInfo (AssociationsInfo) mobile application aims to increase the visibility of associations in the local community, and strengthen the participation of citizens in the activities carried out by associations

The application is available for Android, Apple and Windows mobile phones, and it allows users to easily search for information about the activities and services of registered associations. Within the application, citizens can browse through activities of associations according to the place and time of the event, or they can browse using the information contained in the Register of Associations and get in touch with an individual association. By using the UdrugeInfo application, citizens can search for associations active in the place where they live or active in the field of their interest, and then locate them on an interactive map of the Republic of Croatia.

Associations can sign up quickly and easily using the mobile or the desktop version of the application, enter the events organised by the association, and invite all interested citizens to participate in the association’s activities


A virtual walk through the history of association in Zagreb

Using the application, citizens can browse through historical associations in the City of Zagreb and get acquainted with the history of association in Croatia using multimedia materials.
The history of association in the Republic of Croatia has a long and rich tradition that begins with medieval confraternities that can be considered the forerunners of associations as we know them today. Nevertheless, associations and civil society flourished in the 19th century, primarily in Zagreb, where dignitaries from social and political life established associations with the aim of developing the city and helping socially disadvantaged fellow citizens.

As part of the NGO Open Days, the Office for Cooperation with NGOs traditionally organises an event called A Walk Through the History of Associations in Zagreb. The event aims to bring closer to the public the rich history of associations in Zagreb that have significantly contributed to socio-economic development and laid the foundations of modern civil society. Guided by experts, the participants in the Walk visit some of the most important locations related to civil society in Zagreb at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. 

In order for everyone to have the opportunity to get acquainted with the historical associations visited as part of the Walk, the Office for Cooperation with NGOs entered information and photos about seven locations historically important for the development of civil society in Zagreb into the application UdrugeInfo.

How to download the application to Android, Apple and Windows mobile devices?

If you have the relevant user account (Google account - Gmail address for Android mobile phones; Apple ID for Apple iPhone devices; or Microsoft account for Windows mobile phones), go to the device menu, and depending on your mobile phone type, click on the appropriate icon, which will allow you to download and install the application on your mobile phone:  Use the search engine to find the free application UdrugeInfo, and follow the steps to install the application on your mobile device.