Support for projects of island civil society organisations

Civil society organisations registered in the Croatian islands may (co) finance their projects with support from the state budget in accordance with Article 24. of the Islands Act

The Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds supports projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development goals of civil society organizations based on the Croatian islands with a bottom-up approach based on the real needs and initiatives of the islanders.
Any civil society organisation registered in the Croatian islands, whose activity is of general good, may apply for one project in the field of:
  • Preservation of the island's natural and cultural heritage;
  • Strengthening educational capacities and sporting activities
  • Providing and strengthening social and health care
  • Achieving inclusive and sustainable economic development;
  • Sustainable management of island natural resources and environmental care;
  • Development of sustainable energy and mobility.
Associations established under the Association Act and registered in the Register of associations, foundations, trade unions, employers' associations, private non-profit institutions, legal entities of religious communities and cooperatives registered in the relevant Register are considered eligible applicants

Conditions for support

Project proposals by civil society organisations that meet the following conditions shall be considered:
  • Registration in the Register of associations (for associations), other appropriate register (for other civil society organisations), compulsory registration in the Register of non-profit organisations and the conduct of transparent financial operations in accordance with the regulations on accounting of non-profit organisations;
  • Has its seat and operates in the territory of the island in accordance with Article 24 (2). Of the Islands Act;
  • Act for at least one year at the end of the date of publication of the public call;
  • Has a harmonised statute with the provisions of the Act on associations;
  • Meet all contracted obligations for previous appropriations according to the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds and all other financial providers from public sources in an orderly and regular manner, which is confirmed by a statement signed by the person authorised for representation;
  • Must not have due, outstanding debts towards the Republic of Croatia and/or towards local and regional (regional) self-government units
  • Criminal proceedings must not be conducted against the person authorized to represent and project manager.

Funding priorities

The priority in obtaining financial support shall be given to civil society organisations which:
  • Have their headquarters on islands with a specific location in accordance with Article 10 Of the Islands Act
  • Develop partnership and cooperation with other civil society organizations and other partners (state administrative organizations and/or local and regional (regional) self-government units in whose area the project is implemented, other professional institutions and donors);
  • involve beneficiaries in project development and monitoring;
  • Work directly with users
  • With their project they meet more needs in the island community
  • Include volunteers in their work
  • Apply for a project that is in line with the Programme for encouraging Civil Society Development on the islands 2021-2027.

Public call for projects

Applicants submit their applications for a public call exclusively electronically (online application) by filling out the prescribed forms and placing the prescribed documentation in the financijska podrska.
Fostering the development of civil society on the islands.