Organised construction project

Until the realisation of the approved housing loan for the purchase of a house or flat within the scope of an organised construction project, you may use the status of a protected tenant

Organised construction project is carried out according to the place of residence that you, as a beneficiary of the right, had at the time you suffered the injury, i.e. in the place where you have resided continuously for five years since 1991.
You may also exercise the right in the place where you have lived as a displaced person for five or more years if you declare in a written statement under civil and criminal liability that you want to settle there permanently.

Determining the surface area of the flat

The appropriate flat is determined by the number of family members:
  • single person – a flat of 35 square meters
  • family of two – a flat of 45 square meters
  • family of three – a flat of 60 square meters
  • family of four – a flat of 70 square meters 
  • family of five – a flat of 80 square meters 
  • for each additional family member an additional 10 square meters.
A flat that deviates from the stated surface areas by +/-10 square meters will also be considered an appropriate flat.

Use of protected rent

When you have been granted a housing loan for the purchase of a flat or house within the scope of an organised construction project, you may use the flat as a tenant before concluding the housing loan agreement with the obligation to pay a protected rent.

You conclude the flat lease agreement for a fixed period, until you realise a housing loan with a commercial bank authorised by the Ministry of Croatian Veterans, but for a maximum period of one year from the date you were granted a housing loan to purchase a flat.

You will pay the protected rent in the amount of 0,27 EUR (HRK 2) per square meter per month.

Exceptionally, the flat lease agreement may be extended for an additional period of up to one year, if, as a tenant, you demonstrate that you do not have the creditworthiness necessary to conclude a housing loan agreement, with the obligation to pay double protected rent per square meter of residential surface area (0,53 EUR (HRK 4) per square meter).

Public lease

If the housing loan agreement has not been concluded even after the expiration of the second year from the date of taking over the keys to the flat, the user of the flat may apply for public lease of the same flat and in that way continue to use the flat based on freely agreed rent.

The amount of freely agreed rent is determined by the Housing Committee, taking into account where the property is located.

A flat lease agreement with a freely agreed rent may be concluded only by the flat user who has settled all liabilities under the previous flat lease agreement.

In case of non-compliance with the obligations from the concluded lease agreement, the agreement will be terminated with a 30-day period provided for concluding the housing loan agreement. If the user fails to conclude a housing loan agreement within that period, the Ministry will take action to recover the allocated flat.