Loan application

The application for a housing loan should be submitted no later than 30 November for the next calendar year, and the required documents depend on the type of loan you have chosen

As an applicant, you are entitled to one of the following forms of housing:
  • to purchase a flat built within the scope of an organised construction project
  • to purchase a flat you arrange yourself
  • to build a house
  • to purchase a used flat or house owned by the Republic of Croatia
  • for the difference in surface area
  • to continue construction and completion of the house
  • to improve housing conditions.

Required documentation

Along with the application for any housing loan, the following should also be enclosed:
  • birth certificate for the applicant and all household members
  • certificate of Croatian nationality for the applicant and all household members
  • marriage certificate
  • death certificate for the deceased Croatian veteran
  • certificate of domicile or residence for the applicant and all members of the family household
  • certificate issued by the tax administration for the applicant and all household members that they are not / are taxpayers based on real estate transfer tax
  • proof of death in the Homeland War for the applicant and a household member (unit, date, circumstances):
  • decision on family disability allowance (for the families of deceased Croatian war veterans)
  • second-instance decision on the degree of bodily disability (for disabled Croatian Homeland War veterans) - decision on pension, i.e. decision on family disability allowance
  • for a member of the family household who is permanently incapable of independent work and earn a living - appropriate certificate from the competent authority
  • for an applicant who was imprisoned - a certificate of the location and duration of imprisonment
  • for adult children who are also household members - a certificate of full-time schooling
  • certificate that the applicant has not initiated proceedings before the competent first-instance authority to determine the new percentage of bodily disability.

Additional documentation

Depending on the type of special-purpose loan you have opted for, additional documentation is required. If you are purchasing a flat, the following should be enclosed with the purchase application:
  • proof that you do not have a flat or house in the place of residence and a certified statement that you do not have a flat or house, or that you have not exercised the right to renovate a residential building
  • proof that you did not sell, donate or otherwise alienate the aforementioned property after 1990, except for the residential building for which you are requesting a loan for yourself and all household members issued by:
  •  municipal court, land register department
  •  office for cadastre and geodetic affairs
  •  city​or municipal housing and municipal affairs.
To continue the construction and completion of the house, in addition to the documents listed above, the following should be enclosed:
  • proof that you own building land with a building permit
  • title deed of a house or flat.
Along with the application for a loan intended to improve housing conditions, in addition to the aforementioned documents, you should provide proof that you are the owner of the flat or house on which the construction work is to be carried out.

Submitting an application

The application for a housing loan is to be submitted by registered mail or electronically to the Ministry of Croatian Veterans by using the stipulated form, no later than by 30 November of the current year for the following calendar year.